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Join us every Sunday at 11am for Worship Together through our YouTube Channel here.

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You’ll find when we come together on Sundays it is quite informal. We don’t feel we need to dress a certain way to come together on Sundays so you will find some people are dressed smartly and others are quite casual. Like any family, when we come together as a church family with all ages in one place it can at times be busy and even noisy but we value this time together and enjoy one another’s company whatever age we are. We're a friendly church family.

We have a new youth programme for Year 8-10 called CONNECT that meet every Sunday at 11am.  Week 1 we meet over brunch, Week 2 we stay in church and worship with our church family and week 3 and 4 we connect with God through our own programme.

We welcome everyone into our Sunday Worship Together at 11am. You will receive an Information Booklet on the way in that tells you what’s happening in our Worship Together that morning as well as other things happening during the week both at Malone and in the community.

We have a large church building so feel free to sit wherever you like however most people prefer to sit downstairs rather than in the gallery.

During our time together some people take part by reading from the Bible, praying or bringing a word of encouragement. We worship together with a time of singing, we pray together, there is time for quietness and contemplation and a time of teaching from the Bible. If you don't own a Bible then you are very welcome to use the Bibles that are kept in the pews. All the words to the songs are on the screens at the front and our music is led by vocalists and musicians.

At the start of our Worship Together the children (age 0-10 years old) are encouraged to come up to the front for a short fun talk about God and some singing. After this the children can leave to go into either Jammie Dodgers or JAM (Jesus At Malone) that takes place in the Paton Halls. Parents may collect their children from these programmes at the end of the service.

After our Worship Together finishes, everyone walks across to the Paton Halls for a cup of tea, coffee or juice and a chance to catch up or get to know one another. In the halls many people stand chatting, others sit down at the tables and chairs and the younger children are free to play in the hall.