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Leadership & Staff

Rev. Kathryn Viner


Shelley Quinn

Office Manager

John Tate

Clerk of Session

Courtney Thompson

Youth and Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Kirk Session

There are 19 men and women as Ruling Elders on the Kirk Session. This is the spiritual leadership team of Malone Church. It is made up of Ruling Elders who are appointed through an election that involves prayerful consideration by the members of the congregation and Kirk Session.

Each Elder has pastoral oversight for a group of members in the church and these groups are called Pastoral Care Groupings. The Kirk Session is chaired by the Moderator of the Kirk Session, Rev Kathryn Viner. Kathryn is also the ‘Teaching Elder’ at Malone.

The Kirk Session creates the Congregational Mission Plan, decides upon each years priorities, advises the Congregational Committee, acts as Charity Commission Trustees, appoints and approves leaders for the various church groups and activities, approves and monitors the various organisations who use the church halls, discusses pastoral issues, has responsibility for the Sacraments and takes leadership in serving both the church family and the local community.

The Ruling Elders at Malone are:
  • Mary Angus
  • Denis Annett
  • Gillian Brown
  • David Dunwoody
  • Jill Gilpin
  • Wilson Graham
  • Pat Gray
  • John Kenny - Presbytery Representative Elder
  • Mervyn Morrow
  • Debbie McDowell
  • Carolyn McGrath
  • John McKeown
  • Noel McQuitty
  • Nigel Sands
  • Alan Scott
  • Elizabeth Scott
  • John Tate - Clerk of Session
  • Sue Tate
  • Keith Walsh

Congregational Committee

The Congregational Committee is an important structure in the successful ministry and operation of Malone, alongside the Kirk Session and Staff. It is responsible for resourcing the Congregational Mission Plan through offering support, promoting the vision and raising funds.

The Congregational Committee has a number of key responsibilities as outlined by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and these include caring for those in need within the congregation and local community, manage the temporal affairs of the congregation, and promote the interests of the Central Funds and Missions of the Church.

The Committee is organised into various teams to ensure that it fulfils it’s responsibilities. Alongside these teams it also identifies those members of the committee or congregation who might act on a regular basis managing the distribution of food aid or other acts of kindness.

Committee Teams:

  • Finance - David McGrath
  • Fabric & Grounds - Alan Dorman and Denis Annett
  • Events - Jane McConn and Alison Carruthers
  • Communications - tbc
  • Welcome - Pat Gray
  • Audio Visual - Tim Gilpin
  • Charities - Lara Macfarlane
  • Security - David Todd
  • Health and Safety - Peter Jordan
  • House - Alison Carruthers and Jane McConn (temporary)