Church Life


Rooted and grounded in love

Living and growing together

These words, found in Ephesians Chapter 3 Verses 14-21, remind us that as individuals and as part of a church family it is vital that we are rooted and grounded in love to gain spiritual strength to live well and grow together into the likeness of Jesus. This is our purpose.

Sunday Morning ‘Worship Together’

We believe it is important to come together every week to worship God and seek his presence, to refocus our lives on God again, to encourage one another in our faith, learn more about God and his love for us and be prepared to serve God in the world. Our Sunday mornings together are informal, enjoyable, focused on God, and for all ages and stages. So during this time we have a Sunday morning programme for the children and teenagers that is also enjoyable and enriching.  Our time together finishes with some coffee and tea in the church hall afterwards.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is offered to all members of the church family in Malone. It is the responsibility of the Kirk Session to ensure that every member can and does receive pastoral care. Every member is included in one of the Elder's Pastoral Care Group. The Elders are responsible for staying in touch, keeping a connection and visiting those in their pastoral care group to offer encouragement, teaching and prayer. If you or someone you know requires specific pastoral care due to illness, bereavement or a particularly difficult personal situation then contact your Elder, or if necessary the Minister, via the church office.


When someone joins Malone Church they become a member of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, a denomination of the world wide Christian church. Members show their commitment to our local congregation through attending Worship Together on Sunday mornings, making a regular financial contribution as an ‘offering’ of worship to God and His Church, and using their gifts and time to serve God in the church.

The Presbyterian Church refers to ‘Communicant members’ and these are members who have been previously baptised (usually as a child) and welcomed into the visible church family but are ready to make a personal  profession of faith in recognising Jesus and his death on the cross for our sins and our salvation. A ‘Communicant member’ makes specific vows to God about their personal commitment. Contact the Minister if you would like to become a Communicant member.


Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper (Communion)

This sacrament is a powerful yet simple reminder of the significance of the death of Jesus. We celebrate this sacrament regularly as instructed in the Bible to remember who we are and who God is through Jesus. The table is open to anyone who loves the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Saviour but we ask all communicant members in the congregation to fill in a card so we can keep a record of those who have received this sacrament.

Sacrament of Baptism

Baptism is for the children of parents who are committed followers of Jesus and also for adults who have never been baptised but have become a new believer.  Before a Baptism, the minister will meet with either the parents or the adult considering baptism. In Baptism parents make a public profession of their personal faith in God and then make a vow about how they will share their faith with their child through reading the Bible, praying for and with their child, bringing their child to be with the church on Sunday and any other opportunity to learn about God, his love and teaching. An adult who is baptised takes responsibility for their own desire to read the Bible, pray and actively, faithfully belong to the church family as the means to grow in faith.

The Kirk Session is responsible for everyone who is welcomed into the visible church at Malone through this sacrament.


If you are planning on getting married and would like the marriage service to take place at Malone then please contact the minister before any other wedding plans are made. The Kirk Session has an agreed Marriage Policy that outlines the details wedding ceremonies in Malone.

A wedding is a sacred celebration of marriage and any plans for the ceremony should reflect this and also align with the beliefs and worship practices of Malone. The Minister and Kirk Session encourage all couples who are thinking of getting married to attend marriage preparation classes because good marriage preparation lays the foundation for a loving and enduring marriage.


If you are aware of the death of, or imminent death of, a member of the congregation please contact the Minister as soon as possible to discuss any arrangements for a funeral. Bereavement can be a difficult path to walk and we would like to support you and your family as you make arrangements and come to terms with your loss.   If you require the Minister to conduct a funeral service, please do not make any arrangements about the date or time of such service without prior agreement with the Minister as there is no guarantee the minister will be available to conduct the service.

Get Connected

Keep up to date with everything going on at Malone Church through our weekly Information Booklet available from the Welcome Team as you arrive for Sunday Worship Together.

Additionally, a weekly email ‘Malone News Weekly’ with all the latest information can be sent to your email address. Alternatively you may want to use this website to find out more about Malone, visit our Malone Presbyterian Church YouTube Channel or follow us on our Facebook Page @ Malone Church.

We exist as a church to encourage one another in our relationship with God, grow in faith and love as we notice God more in our lives and the world. We hope everyone in our church family stays connected, comes along, joins in, gets committed and even steps out of their comfort zone into that place of faith and chooses to have a better relationship with God every day.