Downshire Brass

Under the baton of Professor Michael Alcorn, Downshire is one of Northern Ireland’s premiere brass bands. The Senior band has almost 40 members and the Junior band almost 20. The Senior Band regularly competes in competitions both locally and in Great Britain and has achieved many successes. They were the Grade 2 Champions in both the North of Ireland Bands Association and the Brass Band League in 2010. They also regularly perform concerts at various venues throughout the province such as parks, churches, supermarkets and even yacht clubs.

“Downshire” has been closely linked with Malone since its formation in 1990 when the Reid Memorial and Hillsborough Silver Bands amalgamated. Before that, “The Reid” had links with Malone going back to 1912 when it was formed as the Reid Memorial Temperance Flute Band from members of Dr. Haire’s Bible Class at the church.

Downshire Brass participate throughout the year in our Worship Together on Sundays at Malone. We value our relationship with them that includes members of Malone being part of the band. Downshire Brass practice in the Paton Halls.

Senior Band practice – Monday & Thursday 8-10pm

Junior Band practice - Monday 7-8pm.

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Downshire Brass