Teaching Series from April - June 2018: Lessons from the Book of Acts



From 12 to 500. From Jerusalem to throughout the Mediterranean. From Jews to every nation. The influence of the church, as recorded in Acts, increased at a phenomenal rate. From AD33 to AD64 the foundations for the church to become the largest faith movement of people in the world were laid and it has spread across the globe and changed the lives of hundreds of millions of people. It has had an indelible impact upon civilisation, culture, education, medicine, freedom, and on the lives of countless people.

What can we learn from those first few weeks and months recorded in Acts that created a people, a church, with such influence that the world was never the same again? What does this mean for you? What can this mean for you?

Over the next couple of months we’re going to take time in our Worship Together on Sunday mornings to look at the beginning of the Book of Acts, learn from the Book of Acts, and then go and live a life of influence.

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