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Good Friday Communion & Breakfast

Good Friday Big Breakfast following Communion. Good for the body after food for the soul. We raised £930 for Storehouse. Thanks to everyone who was there, all who donated and the great team in the kitchen!

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Kirk Session visit Storehouse

On Tuesday 17th October Kirk Session visited Storehouse.  We as a congregation support the work of Storehouse in our city.  For more details, please contact our Storehouse Champion, Nigel Sands through the church office or visit:

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  LESSONS FROM THE BOOK OF ACTS From 12 to 500. From Jerusalem to throughout the Mediterranean. From Jews to every nation. The influence of the church, as recorded in Acts, increased at a phenomenal rate. From AD33 to AD64 the foundations for the church to become the largest faith movement of people in the world were laid and it has...

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